Monday, January 26, 2009

Living With Benny Hill

Help me Sweet Baby Jesus - Caroline has discovered the pratfall.  Admittedly it was amusing the first time or two, but the 749th time of falling to her knees or crashing onto the sofa doesn't elicit giggles anymore.  And it's always accompanied by the requisite soundtrack - AAAAAAAggrrrgh!  Waaaaruuggggh!  etc.  Naturally she must work on this technique at a time when we have other things to do, leaving me standing there with gritted teeth saying "GET. YOUR. SHOES. ON. NOW. oryoucangotoschoolbarefoot!"   And the answer is always "I really fell!  It wasn't a trick!"  It happens at bedtime too - 

C going up the steps:  [collapse on stairs]  OOOOOFFF!
M gritting teeth:  Wow, you must really be tired - guess that means we can't play Scrabble before bed.
C:  It was just an accident, really!
M:  It's not an accident the 12th time - get moving.
C:  [collapse on stairs]  Oooops, I just tripped!

It's not good for my dental work to sound like a harpy, but I swear the next time she's going to school barefoot.