Monday, March 09, 2009

Caroline and Sophie at the class Valentine's party.

So proud of her penguin diorama project - she got an A!

Clowning around while shoveling some of our pathetic snowfall.

It's been busy times around here lately - Caroline spent lots of time outside this weekend taking advantage of the fabulous weather.  Last week was Spirit Week at school, which meant a week full of "regular" clothes instead of uniforms, which makes the entire student body lose their minds.  The hardest one to participate in was "Mismatch Day" just because Caroline knows which colors go together and which don't, so wearing a purple argyle knee high and a flowered knee high was very hard on her fashion sense!   In her second grade reading class they have been working on book reports, which annoys Caroline.  She wants to read because she LIKES it, not because she has to answer some details about it.  Later this month she'll have a sleepover with one of her girlfriends, and attend the Girl Scout St. Patrick's Day dance.  She'll do almost anything for the Brownies that will get her a badge.