Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh, the drama....

Caroline's sixth tooth came out tonight, with a bit of help from all of us.  At this point I wish I understood why it is such drama for her.  So far she's swallowed a tooth, pulled out one herself, and we've done the others.  But each one is accompanied by some trickery and hurt feelings.  I think the problem is that as the roots of the teeth dissolve, they are very sharp and so as they loosen up they are constantly poking her and causing pain and bleeding.  But no matter how many times we go through it, she is certain that it's going to hurt worse than ever and won't let us near her.  James has tricked her twice (by getting her to hold on to the loose tooth and then jerking her arm to make her pull it out), and now she's just so frustrated about it she won't even let him LOOK in her mouth, let alone help.

So this bottom lower-right tooth has been hanging on for so long that the adult tooth grew in behind it.  It finally loosened up to the point that today it was hanging nearly horizontal.  I told her that she simply could not go to bed with it hanging, I was afraid it would come out in her sleep and she would choke on it.  So she could pick Daddy or me to help, but it was coming out tonight.  Naturally this made her HYSTERICAL so once she opened her mouth to cry I stuck my finger in and simply swept the tooth out, it was so lightly hanging on.  

Once we celebrated and I got her to bed, I said that I was sorry for tricking her but that I was only trying to help her.  Caroline said "Mommy, you didn't do anything to trick me."  I said "do you think I like talking meanly to you?  I knew that if I did that I could get you to cry and I could get to your tooth."  After a moment of puzzled shock, she said "I didn't even think of that.  You're just EVIL!"  hahahahaha