Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Pictures

12/24 Ready for Santa! In her cute Christmas pajamas which were traded in favor of cooler pajamas because they were making her sweaty.

Santa came and left a note! (Santa was hitting the sauce, I believe he had a headache after removing all the twist ties from all the toys....)

"Hey, let's see what this is!" She was really into opening presents and shredding off the paper, from confetti sized pieces to whole sheets.

Santa's Little Helper - "Let me get a present for you, Daddy!"

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Santa's annual letter to Caroline

December 24, 2005

Dear Caroline –

I can’t believe you are 4 years old this Christmas – I still remember bringing Christmas presents to a little tiny new baby! Thank you so much for the wonderful snacks. The cookies were delicious. Did you help make them? The chocolate ones were my favorite. And the hot chocolate was a perfect way to warm up before I have to go back outside! Thanks again for thinking of me. I wish I had gotten to talk to you earlier in December when you came to see me, but I know you feel a little shy sometimes. So I’m really glad I got your letter telling me what you wanted. I hope you are surprised!

What a year it has been for you. This was the first year you went to summer camp, wasn’t it? And then you started at Chipmunks School again in Ms. Bittner’s class. I bet you learned so much, and made lots of friends too. (I’ve already been to Sam’s house and Kristina’s house!) Then you went to Disney for your birthday. I’m sure it was great to see all the princesses. Do you like riding the rides?

And there’s still more to happen – I hear you’re going to go to a new school after Christmas, right? I bet it will be great. You’ll make even more friends and learn so much stuff! I think there’s even a fishtank in your classroom. You’ll get to check it out soon.

I hope you didn’t think I would skip you this year. Everyone has bad days sometimes, but the important part is that you are trying to be good. That’s all I ever ask in order for you to make it on the Good Kids List so I know who to bring presents to.

I have to head off to Erin and Sarah’s houses now so they all have gifts to open too, but I just wanted to leave a note to let you know how yummy your cookies were. You’re the best!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

More Disney Photos

One day we even hit the Princess Trifecta! We thought we were in line to see Mickey or someone, but then another person in line mentioned that it was princesses. Caroline was so happy to see some of her favorites up close even earlier than expected.

Our new Disney tradition - pictures with the statues at the pin store in Downtown Disney. We have one from our visit last year so it's a neat way to see how much she has grown.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Some Disney Pictures

There are too many to post at once, but here's a general overview.

First day at the park. Castle is all fancied up for "Cinderellabration", where Cinderella officially becomes a princess.

Her very first princess meeting was with Jasmine! By the end of the trip it was like Caroline had princess radar - she could spot anything pink/sparkly/tiaraed at 10 paces.

Meeting Minnie outside the park - she made a very big deal over Caroline's birthday.

Welcome to CarolineWorld! Please gather all your belongings and take small children by the hand when exiting the Monorail. hahahaha