Thursday, February 23, 2006

Random Thoughts from Caroline

Coming home from school today, she saw a big smear of white on a stop sign. She asked me what it is, and I said I didn't know.

C - Mom, maybe it was bird poo.
M - You might be right.
C - But it was alot.
M - Yes, it was.
C - Maybe it was a big bird!
M - It could have been.
C - Mom, bird poo is white but human-type poo is brown.

Today she said she wanted pancakes for lunch. For some reason I went ahead, knowing full well she hasn't eaten pancakes the last few times, but she said she thought she might like them after all. So I made *real* pancakes (not even frozen-in-a-box brand!) and after one bite she said she didn't like them after all.

M: Well, why did you say you wanted them if you didn't like them?
C: I know what they taste like but I forgot how they feel in my mouth.

And the most important thought of the day?

Happy Birthday, Gram!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

First Soccer Lesson

The first rule of soccer - always listening to the coach!

Waiting her turn to kick for a goal - the boy in the black shirt is the brother of one of Caroline's school friends.

"I'm doing it, Mom!"

"Gooooooooo, Team Freedom!"

Soccer was fabulous! There will be four weeks of practices and four weeks of games, one of which they will also get a team photo taken and receive Participation Certificates. The coaches spent the first 40 minutes or so having the kids practice "steering" the ball with their feet, taking turns playing goalie, and then the last 20 minutes was actually chasing/kicking the ball. Caroline had a wonderful time (as evidenced by the multiple thumbs up! signs), said she really liked doing it and can't wait to go back. In the space of a week, my clinging vine has disappeared - ballet class, big girl storytime, and now soccer!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ballet Photos

"C'mon Mom, is it time to go to ballet now? How about now? Now is it time?"

Dancing with streamers - to get their eyes to follow what their hands were doing.

"Strike a pose, there's nothing to it..." Waiting her turn to practice dancing with her group.


Okay, let me just say there is nothing cuter in the entire world than a classful of 4-year old ballerinas, especially when one of them is your own kid! Caroline was so thrilled to get ready and put her hair up (it was apparently a BIG DEAL that I used hairspray on her hair - "I thought that was only for special occasions!" hahahaha) She did a wonderful job of listening to the teacher and paying attention to what she was told. Every time the teacher complimented her on doing something well or having nice straight legs for stretching or whatever, Caroline would turn around and give me a big grin and a thumbs up!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mademoiselle Artiste working at her easel. After two sick days, Mommy was ready to let her do just about anything!

Helping to cut up butter for melting when making brownies - she's always astonished when I let her use a "real" knife.

Modeling her leotard "with a floaty skirt, Mom!" - ballet class starts 2/7!