Saturday, August 18, 2007

All the exciting news

Modeling her school uniforms (although this blouse is only supposed to go under the jumpers, there is a knit shirt with embroidered school logo to go with skirts/pants)

Her blood donation shirt from Pop - it's an adult XL size, so the sleeves come to her wrists and the hem comes almost to her ankles!

The missing tooth! Came out Wednesday night after hanging on for about three weeks.

No training wheels! We haven't practiced in a while, but one day she said she wanted to try again, and as soon as I let go she took off pedaling. She also knows how to brake slowly to a stop and to turn, now we just have to practice getting started on her own.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Major Milestone Reached.....

Caroline's first tooth is finally out! The bottom center left tooth been progressively looser and looser for a solid three weeks (that first Sunday C said in a panic "Mom, COME HERE - something is really wrong with my tooth!") Today it was just barely hanging on, and she could push it almost horizontal with her tongue. I gave her both taffy and bubble gum this afternoon trying to help her out, to no avail. But while she was getting ready for bed with James, she came screaming downstairs with the tooth in her hand. Stay tuned for some gap-toothed pictures soon!

Monday, August 06, 2007


I have lots of pictures and stories to share, but being as it's almost bedtime I will drop off two short tidbits of entertaining things Caroline has said lately -

Coversation #1 - you have to understand that Caroline has the same lunch nearly every day; peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit, and some type of chip/pretzel/etc. She's long been a fan of cheeseballs, but decided to try something new, so this took place at the grocery store.

Caroline: Mom, I want those things like cheeseballs, but long.
Mom: Okay, you mean Cheetos?
C: No, the long puffy ones. Gram has them at her house.
M: Oh, cheese curls. But did you know when I was little Gram and I used to call them something else?
C: Yeah, Gram told me it - they're cheese noodles!

hahahahahahaha (okay, maybe this is only funny to me and my mom....)

Conversation #2 - tonight Caroline was playing a game on the computer, and part of it involved answering some "general knowledge" type trivia questions. She was working on the geography portion.

Computer Question: What is more than 200 miles long and over 6000 feet deep in some places?
Caroline clicks away - "The Grand Crayon? What the heck is that?"

hahahahahahaha James and I nearly hurt ourselves laughing!