Thursday, January 08, 2009

Five Loves....

Another blog that I frequently read ( had a challenge to post about five things you happen to love today, outside of the obvious like husbands and children and pets.  So here are mine.

1.  Hot tea.  There's nothing better on a shivery cold morning like today was.  I especially like fancy weird flavors like almond cookie and chocolate strawberry.   (although today I just had mint)

2.  Bal A Versailles perfume.   I've never seen a store that sells it, but James and my mom keep me supplied when I am running low.  

3.  My crockpot.  Another blog I read was all about this woman's challenge to use her crockpot every day for a year.  She just completed it, but reading about the different things she tried(who'da thunk you could make Shrinky Dinks in there?!?!)   made me want to use mine more.  Next up, chicken and dumplings in the crockpot on Saturday!  

4.  Bath & Body Works scented glycerine soaps.  We buy them by the ton when on sale, it's just such a nice smell (particularly the cucumber melon) and I feel like they wash off better in our water that's so hard it's a solid.

5.  French fries.  I cannot think of a more perfect food.  I believe I could eat my weight in good french fries.  With ketchup, with gravy (don't give me that face, it's a local thing!), whatever, it's all good.