Thursday, September 21, 2006

She's a joiner!

I just can't believe it - with everything else we're involved in, Caroline tried out a TAP class last night! There was supposed to be a "Tap Ages 5-8" class last night immediately after Caroline's ballet class. Due to a misunderstanding, the mother of the one kid who showed up was told that class was going on, but the dance teacher was told that the class was cancelled because only one kid showed up. So Ms. Leslie asked the last few ballet girls who hadn't left yet (Caroline, Erin, Sarah and Alexandra) if they wanted to hang out and check out the class. Naturally, Caroline LOOOOOOOOOOVED it - she can't wait to get her hands on some "tappity shoes that make the cool noise!" They practiced shuffles and flaps and "flash tricks" and all sorts of things I know I wouldn't be able to manage. So now we're debating about too many activities (soccer, ballet, storytime, tap), if she could handle the amount of time necessary to do a morning of school, then more than an hour of dance class (45 minutes of ballet, immediately followed by 30 minutes of tap), etc. Who'da thunk this type of fun stuff would be so hard to deal with?