Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ballet Class

I'm ready to go to ballet!

Caroline in the center posing for the "Fairy Dance". She was really bummed about not getting to keep the wand!

Lined up to do some "horse galloping" - Caroline is second in line.

L-R is Sarah, Caroline and Erin, all doing some stretching.

Tonight was the first night of ballet, and there is nothing cuter in the world than a roomful of pink ballerinas, especially when one of them is your own! Caroline was so proud of her outfit and was thrilled to be taking the class with her two best friends, Sarah and Erin. Luckily James even made it in time, so he got to watch too. They did some stretching, talking about proper form and proper "etiquette" of ballet class. Then they started practicing. Caroline and Erin got many compliments from the teacher on their good listening and "nice tall posture" for various things. At the end of the class they got stickers and when we told Caroline what a good job she did and how proud we were of her, she said "I just wanted to make you guys happy!" That's the kind of thing that makes up for the attitude and back-talk and feet-stamping lately!