Friday, September 08, 2006

First Days pictures...

Practicing keeping the ball straight.

Warming up with some jumping jacks - Caroline is on the right in the black shorts.

Blurry picture because the batteries were dying, but I LOVE how she puts her arms out to keep her balance!

Warming up with some running around and kicking to the goal.

Caroline's first day of school picture. Everyone has commented on how grown-up she looks with the longer hair; a friend said they could completely imagine her looking exactly like this on her first day of high school.

The first night of soccer was the funnest night in a long time. Caroline was sooooo excited to get there and just have the chance to run like mad (thanks to 3 or 4 days inside due to rain). She was so great at listening to the two coaches - who are the fathers of her two best friends, so she was immediately more comfortable with them and able to listen. They spent the first 30 minutes doing different drills, and then the last 30 minutes was a scrimmage with the other half of the team. She HATED wearing a scrimmage jersey ("I don't like it, it's all floppy and yucky!" ) but when I told her it wasn't her regular soccer shirt, she was willing to put up with it. She was surprisingly patient with the scrimmage even though she didn't get a lot of ball time thanks to Gavin the ball hog (both coaches AND his parents were yelling "Give someone else a turn with the ball!"), but even she said she had a great time and can't wait to go back. So we got home, tossed Caroline into a quick bath and straight into bed - for anyone who knows us, you know that it's a complete scientific anomaly for Caroline to be in bed anywhere before 8pm but she was in bed at 7:40 last night! She woke up once to go to the bathroom and told me "I'm almost too pooped to pee." hahaha