Thursday, July 31, 2008

Important news!!!

Yes, pictures are coming, but we had important developmental details!   After many many MANY months of frustration, Caroline finally learned to tie her shoes!  She had all the steps down for the longest time, but when it came time to wrap the strand around the first loop, she would grab the wrong part to pull through the hole and it would all collapse.  Tuesday she practiced and practiced on the shorts she wore to gymnastics, until about 4pm she screamed "I DID IT!!!!"  So I told her all about Pop teaching me to tie my shoes and how I struggled with it all through kindergarten and first grade, and that one of my earliest school-related memories was sitting in first grade with my foot up on my chair to practice and just looking in amazement when I realized that I had done it.    On Wednesday we went to the movies and both wore tennis shoes, and Caroline tied all four shoes.  :-D