Monday, July 07, 2008

Can you IMAGINE what the rest of the summer would have been like?

Now that Caroline has finally figured out how to start her bike on her own, a majority of our time is spent in the front street riding her bike back and forth, going up and down the curbs, etc.  Yesterday Caroline and her friend Sarah had been outside riding for hours - everyone was hot and sweaty and patience was low.  Two kids that we didn't even recognize showed up riding their bikes.  The little boy decided to antagonize Caroline and Sarah by riding right next to them, following too closely, etc.   Caroline said something snotty to him (yes, yes, I know, we're working on it....) and he decided to punish her by crashing into the back of her bike.   She panicked and let go, and her bike fell with her leg underneath it.   By the time I got her up from the bike and hauled her and the bike back to the house, I was starting to believe that her left leg was broken somewhere between the knee and ankle.  She screamed every time I touched the spot and could barely bear weight on it.  James and I had one of those married-people-silent-conversations-with-your-eyes about whether to take her to the hospital or not, but after getting her into a cool bath to calm down and relax she was walking just fine and didn't even mention it again.  The visions of the rest of the summer in a leg cast were frightening to say the least, and that was only to ME - I don't think she even thought that far!   So I'll be keeping an eye out for that little fiend....

For being such a girly-girl, Caroline is surprisingly unafraid of crawly things.  Although she did ask repeatedly "Is this a biting caterpillar?"

Caroline filled an entire box herself when we went strawberry picking!

Caroline and her friend Maddie sitting in dinosaur footprints at the Science Center.

Look at the cute little dinosaur babies!