Thursday, January 03, 2008


Don't fall over in a faint, it's actually a blog update from us! As you know, our entire month of December is a mad house and so updating the blog falls far behind baking and wrapping and cooking and partying. I'm sure you can forgive.

Our first, and so far only, snow of the year. Caroline is modeling all her new snow gear (jacket, snow pants, boots, hat, gloves - we needed the WORKS this year!)

So I'll start from the farthest back - Caroline's birthday! Now that she is attending a school that lets you do fun things, her birthday was a big deal to celebrate at school. We made cookies to share with all of her friends at lunchtime, and the teacher had everyone sign a construction paper "cupcake" and sang Happy Birthday to her at the morning meeting.

Her birthday was also gingerbread-house-decorating-day, so I got to go help out.

Her party at the Pottery Loft with friends. Caden was "the only dude here!", but we assured him that in ten years or so he'd be telling all his friends about the time he was the only guy in a room with 10 girls and be a complete hero.

Her lovely birthday cake - they made icing flowers just for her!

Everyone singing Happy Birthday - note the fall-down-able steps behind us? Caroline and I both slipped at various times. Bruises all around.

All the birthday friends - Kelsey, Abby S., Erin, Sarah, Caroline, Marina, Erin, Caden, Maddie, Jamie and Abby B.

Next up, Christmas!