Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Disney pictures and other stuff

Playing around at the hotel

Having lots of fun!

Dinner at Cinderella's - one of the few princesses we ever saw on this trip.

Our annual tradition - wearing pink for a picture at the Pin Store statues. This is the first year she has bypassed Mickey's nose!

A picture to make my mother happy - one night we met EJ and Marjorie and snuggly
new baby Laura for dinner in Orlando.

Those aren't all the pictures of course, but being as we have more than 300, just a few highlights. :) It was tough to return to normal life after vacation - what do you mean I have to cook dinner AGAIN?

Shortly after our return from vacation I had our first teacher conferences at the new school. Both her kindergarten teacher and the first grade teacher (where Caroline goes for reading and math) both said how well she was doing, how easily she makes the transition between the two different classrooms each day, she participates well and often, to the point where the teachers hope she understands that they can't call on her all the time because they have to get the other kids involved too. When I told the kindergarten teacher about how happy we were with the school and more importantly how happy Caroline was at the school, and described some of the problems we had with Montessori she said "wow, it sounds like the Bataan Death March with brightly colored toys!" hahahahaha

So now we are in the big busy (for our family) month of December, just about. Caroline will be having her sixth birthday party at the local paint-your-own pottery place with ten or twelve of her friends. Our Christmas tree is already up and decorated, so now we just have to wrap presents, make some cookies and wait for Santa to arrive!