Monday, August 06, 2007


I have lots of pictures and stories to share, but being as it's almost bedtime I will drop off two short tidbits of entertaining things Caroline has said lately -

Coversation #1 - you have to understand that Caroline has the same lunch nearly every day; peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit, and some type of chip/pretzel/etc. She's long been a fan of cheeseballs, but decided to try something new, so this took place at the grocery store.

Caroline: Mom, I want those things like cheeseballs, but long.
Mom: Okay, you mean Cheetos?
C: No, the long puffy ones. Gram has them at her house.
M: Oh, cheese curls. But did you know when I was little Gram and I used to call them something else?
C: Yeah, Gram told me it - they're cheese noodles!

hahahahahahaha (okay, maybe this is only funny to me and my mom....)

Conversation #2 - tonight Caroline was playing a game on the computer, and part of it involved answering some "general knowledge" type trivia questions. She was working on the geography portion.

Computer Question: What is more than 200 miles long and over 6000 feet deep in some places?
Caroline clicks away - "The Grand Crayon? What the heck is that?"

hahahahahahaha James and I nearly hurt ourselves laughing!