Friday, July 20, 2007

More summer activities....

I won't even bother to apologize for the length of time since my last post because, well, most of you faithful readers have had little kids before, and if it not you've at least read enough about Caroline and the things she does to know that Mommy doesn't have a bunch of time sitting around the computer to leap through the hoops Blogger requires to make a new post. You'll see lots more of us once school starts

Caroline's favorite activity is her weekly gymnastics class, which might be the best $80 we've spent. EVER. She is also taking dance class at the same place for a summer session, which is six weeks. She is particularly thrilled that Miss Laurie was willing to run a tap class for JUST Caroline so "it's just me and Miss Laurie and nobody else!"

Earlier this week we went to the Reese carnival. Unlike some areas, the counties here don't hold individual fairs, but the various town volunteer fire departments host carnivals throughout the summer, and then there is the State Fair at the end of August. But our evening consisted of lots of rides, a big fat funnel cake with powdered sugar, trying our darndest to win a fish, getting beaten and bruised on the Scrambler that is Caroline's new favorite ride, and more rides until we were ridiculously late getting home. Caroline slept until 9:30am the next day!

We've also been involved in getting ready for Caroline's debut at "big girl school". She is very excited to go and regularly checks her calendar to see how many weeks are left until school starts. It's nice that she has this enthusiasm now, because I know in a few years it will be checking the calendar to stretch out whatever remaining time is left. hahahaha She picked out her first "real" backpack, we've visited the school a few times to drop of various forms and checks, and all we really have left to do is buy school supplies and her uniforms. Being as this will be her first year of all-day school, I am giddy at the idea of all the free time I will have!

Strawberry picking at Baugher's - while Caroline loved the idea, she HATED digging around in the bushes and would only pick the berries in plain sight right along the edges.

Garage monkey - helping Daddy sweep out and neaten the garage

My new favorite picture. Does anyone else see the 17-year old heading out for a date here?

One day we were feeling creative and made "burgers" out of Peppermint Patties, Nilla Wafers and colored icing. Caroline thought I was Martha Stewart arrived on Bancroft Street when I explained this idea to her!

Her first day of gymnastics class. She said "I don't know what they're going to teach us Mom, but I just want to learn to do a handstand."