Wednesday, May 09, 2007

An unbelievable thing....

Caroline and Daddy dyed Easter eggs (Mommy got to sleep in!)

MMmmmm, the breakfast of champions

Playing t-ball in the back yard.

Hi everybody!

(beepbeebeebeepbeebeebee) Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the ships at sea - we have an URGENT news flash! Caroline made the incredibly grown-up decision this week that it was time to put Hammie away. After nearly five years, Hammie's fabric has grown so thin that my sewing him only created more holes than it repaired. He was losing more and more of the plastic balls that made up his beanbag body, and we were finding them in her bed, on the carpet, down the stairs, etc. She said that she was okay if we put him away to save him to show her babies when she's a grown up. So I found a clear plastic box (one of the ones you use to display collectible things), and she made a label that says "Hammie the Pig July 4, 2002-May 7, 2007 Caroline, age 5" Now Hammie in his box resides on her bookshelf next to her bed where she says that he can still see her while she sleeps, and she thinks he looks happy in there. Admittedly this is not an entirely huge thing, considering that we have another identical Hammie that she says she is ready to use, but being as we've been trying to get her to accept the new Hammie for YEARS and she wouldn't, we thought this was an important step.