Friday, May 25, 2007

Eat your heart out, Donald Trump...

because Caroline has better media coverage! At the ripe old age of 5 1/2, she's already been on television and now she's been in the newspaper. A few weeks ago we visited the Towson Town Festival, a local street-fair type of thing with lots of crafts and plants for sale, free samples, etc. They had a nice area set up for kids with pony rides, moon bounce, obstacle course - and a woman from the Towson newspaper took Caroline's picture on the giant slide and asked for her name and age. Since we have connections "on the inside" (Cathy works for the Sunpaper, who owns that Towson newspaper), we got a bunch of copies of "Caroline May, 5, of Taneytown, enjoying the inflatable slide"

Another highlight of the day was "crazy hair" - they had a booth with a hairdresser who would do your up into a quick style, and then spray it whatever color you wanted. Caroline got hers done, and literally HUNDREDS of people commented on how cool it looked. Thankfully they were honest when they said the color would come out with shampoo, but the 2.7 cans of hairspray they used for the style made it rather knotty to comb out.

First they started out with an undercoat of white, so that her own haircolor didn't show through.

Here she is, Rocker Girl!

Showing all the colors - pink, green, orange, purple on the bun on top, all covered with glitter