Thursday, February 23, 2006

Random Thoughts from Caroline

Coming home from school today, she saw a big smear of white on a stop sign. She asked me what it is, and I said I didn't know.

C - Mom, maybe it was bird poo.
M - You might be right.
C - But it was alot.
M - Yes, it was.
C - Maybe it was a big bird!
M - It could have been.
C - Mom, bird poo is white but human-type poo is brown.

Today she said she wanted pancakes for lunch. For some reason I went ahead, knowing full well she hasn't eaten pancakes the last few times, but she said she thought she might like them after all. So I made *real* pancakes (not even frozen-in-a-box brand!) and after one bite she said she didn't like them after all.

M: Well, why did you say you wanted them if you didn't like them?
C: I know what they taste like but I forgot how they feel in my mouth.

And the most important thought of the day?

Happy Birthday, Gram!!!