Saturday, February 11, 2006

First Soccer Lesson

The first rule of soccer - always listening to the coach!

Waiting her turn to kick for a goal - the boy in the black shirt is the brother of one of Caroline's school friends.

"I'm doing it, Mom!"

"Gooooooooo, Team Freedom!"

Soccer was fabulous! There will be four weeks of practices and four weeks of games, one of which they will also get a team photo taken and receive Participation Certificates. The coaches spent the first 40 minutes or so having the kids practice "steering" the ball with their feet, taking turns playing goalie, and then the last 20 minutes was actually chasing/kicking the ball. Caroline had a wonderful time (as evidenced by the multiple thumbs up! signs), said she really liked doing it and can't wait to go back. In the space of a week, my clinging vine has disappeared - ballet class, big girl storytime, and now soccer!