Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh, so far behind....

Yes, yes, it's terribly out of date.  I know.  But we've had so much going on that a blog is far down on the list.  Now that school is ending and I will be with Caroline more each day, hopefully I'll have lots of pictures and funny stories to share.

So as a recent recap of our craziness - Mommy went to Chicago; at the same time, Caroline and Daddy went on a train trip to Western Maryland.  We had parties and a field trip at school, a spring music concert, and field day.  Ever watched spastic 6 year olds doing jumping jacks?  Fit to fall down laughing, I tell you.  

And we got a new computer!  We have joined the Macs - shows that those entertaining commercials do work.  The keyboard is thinner than your average Oreo cookie and the mouse does strange things, but the screen is huge and the big box that normally does on the floor next to the desk is now built into the back of the screen.  

But let's see if I can manage to post pictures with a computer that makes pictures somewhat complicated....

Caroline at the fountain outside the train station.

Here comes the train!

Okay, I'm ready to go

Hey look, you can drive from the back too!

Who needs plastic toys?  Caroline spent about two hours playing in a box filled with packing peanuts.  She piled them up on herself, hid in them, checked if she could fit entirely in the box, etc.  Next time we need a big box for something, we'll make sure to say a six year old size!