Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Revelations from a 5-year old

A recent conversation:

Mommy: I think I'm going to cut some of our daffodils to put on the table.
Caroline: Good idea. Put them in a vase. (pronunciation: "vaaaahs")
M: A what? I haven't heard you say that before.
C: A vaaaahs. You know, it's glass, with water in it!
M: Okay, gotcha....

Guess I'll have to explain to her that that pronunciation only applies if said vase cost more than $50!

A stunning event happened today, that I thought may never occur - Caroline actually did and undid some buttons! She's never been much for the fine-motor skill things, and the pediatrician said that was okay because her brain is moving so much faster on the reading and verbal stuff so she'd get it eventually. But it was really impressive to see it actually happen!

The most important thoughts of the day: