Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Pictures, finally!

Can't believe I'm actually up-to-date with posting pictures; it's been a while!

Ready for bed on Christmas Eve in her pajamas from the Elf and with the cookies for Santa.

Her first sight of the loot on Christmas morning (note, it was still dark outside the door behind me! She was awake at 7am on the dot) - I think this picture is particularly funny because immediately after it she fell on the floor in shock to see so many things she had asked Santa for!

Checking out the kaleidoscope from her stocking

Puppy from Uncle Phil and Aunt Janice helping to open another present

The hit present of the year at the M household - the Black and Decker Junior Workbench. She built the birdhouse, randomly "drills" and "saws" the pieces of velcroed wood, built the birdhouse several times, etc. One of these days we'll have to put her to work with some real tools and see what she can do for us!