Sunday, June 04, 2006


Caroline has been playing "waitress at the Cafe" with her little kitchen set (swear to Heaven, the smartest $75 we ever spent when she was 18 months old - she still plays with it nearly daily!) So we spent one whole afternoon with her taking our orders and making us plastic food. When James and I had run out of ideas, we said "what do you recommend?" Caroline asked what that means, and we told her that it meant we wanted to know what she thought would be good to eat. So after cleaning up the "kitchen", it became her new favorite word - "Mommy, I recommend that we have peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. Daddy, I recommend we watch Charlie and Lola". In other words, here's what I want - get to it! hahaha

Another evening, after a very busy day, Caroline was worn out. She was fading fast all through dinner, and when I put her to bed she barely paid attention to the stories we read. Like always, I knelt down next to her bed to give her a kiss goodnight and either talk about something we did that day or something that will happen tomorrow, etc. But for the first time ever, as I was talking, Caroline said "Mom, I'm so tired I can hardly hold my eyes up. Can we finish this tomorrow?"