Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Caroline the roller skating diva!
(practicing in the basement because it was about 28 degrees outside)

Caroline's artwork - she is the purple person at the bottom, yellow sun at the top left, blue clouds, purple squiggles are lightning, black spiky things are thunder, and pink swirls are wind.

Had to report for all family members to read: You aren't the only ones. Caroline READ me a book last week! A simple little book maybe 4 pages long, about the elves helping get Santa's sleigh ready for Christmas. She read the ENTIRE thing, with the exception of words like "brimming" and "although". (and I know she's not doing it from memory because I've only read it to her once or twice around Christmas time) Her teachers said that she has been working on her letter sounds at school and doing well, with minor confusion of lower case b/p/d/g/q/etc, but that's a normal developmental thing, not a sign of dyslexia.