Monday, September 12, 2005

Some text to update about Caroline's life

Hooray, we finally got a website up and running again, thanks to my brilliant husband. The other one died when we got a new digital camera and Geocities couldn't handle the larger and more detailed pictures, so it would only upload one picture at a time (when have I ever done just one picture???) and wouldn't load all the pics when someone else looked at it.

It's been a busy summer - we've attended all sorts of Volunteer Fire Dept.-sponsored carnivals, where Caroline continued to test out her prowess on kiddie rides of all sorts. She loves genteel things like the merry-go-round, and then violent things that spin you around and toss you back and forth. We went to the State Fair with Gram, where she was willing to ride the biggest Ferris Wheel (Caroline, not Gram - Gram's a chicken when it comes to heights! hahaha) And of course spent tons of time outside with friends riding bikes, at the rock pile, jumping through the sprinkler or splashing in the pool.

However, summer metaphorically came to an end today with the start of preschool. Last week we attended the Open House at Chipmunks School so that all the kids could see each other, check out the classroom and get the feel of things with Mommy or Daddy safely nearby. Caroline said she was excited to go, but anyone who has heard or seen a round of her separation issues in action knows that I wasn't *precisely* holding my breath. When we walked into school and were in line to go into her classroom, she started getting nervous and was pulling on my arm going "Mom....Mom.....Mom...." I took her into the classroom to hang up her tote bag, kissed her goodbye and said that we would do something special when I picked her up. She went to sit at "circle time" with her friends and one little boy from last year said with such joy "Oh Caroline, you're HERE!" that I was relieved. When I picked her up two hours later, she said she played with yellow playdoh, ate her snack, sang Goodbye Chipmunks, "and some other stuff but I forget what it was." :-D

I promise more pictures will be coming soon!